Hicat Cat Climber

Hicat Cat Climber


Hicat Cat Climber

Well-fed and showered with affection, most indoor cats’ natural climbing instincts are rarely satisfied in our urban homes.In search of a furniture that would help promote exercise and wellbeing, and struggling to find more than a basic floor stand, the team behind London’s cat furniture designers hicat® developed an indoor unit that not only looks brilliant but adds a new dimension to our cats’ indoor lives: climbing.

The hicat® cat climber is a floor-to-ceiling made-to-measure climbing tube with internal perches and posts, fully covered in natural coir and offering peepholes for interactive games and fun. Wow.

Excited by the option to add a new challenge to the climbing and balance skills of chubby cheeks Mr Spats, we visited hicat’s® London workshop and picked a Tom3 unit, featuring three access holes, an internal shelf and a crescent shelf for climb through, as well as two, already well utilized, peepholes

After a week of cautious approach, Mr Spats took to the unit and has become a huge fan of running up and down the length of it, hiding inside and hunting toys around the peepholes.

Hicat’s® climbing units are designed under the motto “cats first, always” but offer us cat owners a wide variety of configurations and finishing materials satisfying the most ambitious design tastes. We’re thinking of upgrading already, possibly adding a climbing pole or a Bob, an additional freestanding podium to extend the play area.


For more info on the Hicat Cat Climber check out their site here





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