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About Us


Make Them Roar is a blog for everybody who shares his or her urban surroundings with cats. Written from the East End of London, I want to help cat owners create a contemporary environment that helps your mouser live a healthy and well-balanced life; even in the big smoke. I am passionate about animals and living with pets and hope I can help you turn your home into a beautiful and exciting environment for yourself and your mouser.

With the assistance of my two cats, Mr Spats and General Teddington, I review cat products and accessories. I aim to focus on novel designs and unique products but will feature anything that takes my fancy. Denise Stanborough is a new contributor to Roar, channeling her love for cats through writing features and news.

We believe that living with pets is one of the most rewarding lifestyle choices we can make. If you are still looking for those special paws or have some space for more, then please consider adopting from your local shelter. There are so many lonely hearts waiting to become your friend for life.

Go on and Make Them Roar!

Bettina Frohn



Mr Spats

Spats is my tuxedoed urban tomcat, born and raised in Hackney, London. With limited options to play in the wild, my gentle-giant is a fastidious and sophisticated companion, who fully embraces his urban habitat.

Trivia Spats will do anything for food. He is fascinated by light reflection and doesn’t like to be picked up. He loves play-fighting General Teddington, although he doesn’t win.

Favourite Game He love a game of hide and seek with me. He also likes to crawl into very tight spaces to pounce on his toys. Cardboard boxes are his current favourite spot.

Spats in sunshine


General Teddington

Teddington was found in the Richmond area and nursed back to health at the wonderful Battersea Cats Home. We call him the General, because it did not take him long to claim his title as the boss. He is bold and very curious and loves his humans. Teddie is quite clever and has mastered 5 tricks: sit, shake paw, high 5, jump and go big. And I’m working on a few more…Read his story here.

Trivia Teddie is very talkative. Very talkative. You could say he overdoes the meowing from time to time. His latest coup is fetching random items and then meowing about it. He’s a demanding, playful and affectionate little fella.

Favorite Game Fetching. And pouncing on pretty much anything underneath a blanket.

Teddington outside