3 dog treat ideas to make at home for your pup

3 dog treat ideas to make at home for your pup

Sure, you’ve got it all covered when it comes to the family’s dinner. But how about a special treat for your faithful furry friend? We’d love to help you. So we have teamed up with artisan dog bakehouse Neoh and Nobo to get you started.

Peanut butter and yoghurt balls

We’re sure, our dog would raise his paws for this one! The recipe combines creamy yoghurt, all natural peanut butter and rolled oats; a perfect snack for the holidays! See Neoh and Nobo’s recipe here.

Peanut and coconut balls

This easy recipe requires no need to cook or bake, leaving you with plenty of time to wrap those pressies. Packed full of good fats and nutrients these will be a hit with your pooch. Here’s how Neoh and Nobo are making it.

Doggie breath mints

These dog mints will keep your dogs’ breath in check – pretty important for a peaceful Christmas. Made with all natural and fresh ingredients they are a tasty treat for your furry friend. Here is Neoh and Nobu’s recipe.

If you can’t find the time to get busy in the kitchen though, head over to our store for this beautiful dog peanut butter. This super-charged nutty treat is packed with wholesome ingredients and boasts a great flavour. Made with just 3 health encouraging ingredients, this dog treat will satisfy the most refined palette.

3 dog treat ideas to make at home for your pup


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