5 futuristic colours that will make it big in fashion and interiors in 2020

5 futuristic colours that will make it big in fashion and interiors in 2020

London-based trend forecasting service WGSN has pinpointed 5 brand new colour shades which will make a huge impact for fashion and interiors in the dawn of the next decade.

The future’s here to come and in 2020 we’ll see brand new technologies becoming our reality: In 2020, AI will help gymnastics judges score athletes at the Olympic Games, the world’s tallest building, the Jeddah Tower in Saudia Arabia, will be completed and NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover begins his mission the Red Planet.

Not surprisingly, WGSN predicts that the colour palettes of the future will feature cooler, more technical hues that are rooted in plant life and nature. According to WGSN, the primary star of the palette is Neo Mint, which ‘embodies the drive towards tones that have gender-neutral appeal, which by 2020 will have moved on from the more feminine hues’.

Analysing big online retail data and taking cues from street fashion and social media has provided the team at WGSN with insights on how 5 trendy colours will most likely evolve over the next few years.

WGSN Colour Director Jane Monnington Boddy says: ‘My role is to study patterns and trend shifts in many areas from art, fashion and design through to science, technology and economics. This information is supplied to the global design community, to enable them to create products that accurately sit in line with the right trends at the right time for their consumers.’


And to show you how you can already be on trend while creating a wholesome home for your pets and yourself, we have taken a deep dive into what our makers have on offer:


Neo mint

This new directional colour heralds the start of a new decade, embodying an optimistic mood when advances in tech and science will take hold

Purist blue

Blue’s transition from a core colour to a fashion colour evolves in a softer way for 2020, moving away from the strong cobalts of recent seasons


Cassis departs from the sweet tones that have had such a huge impact across markets recently, offering a deeper fusion of pink and purple


Youthful oranges from the previous two years settle into a milkier, more subdued tone, which offers broader appeal across ages and categories

Mellow Yellow

Yellow will hit the mass market as it shifts to the deeper tone of Mellow Yellow, feeding into the ongoing popularity of earthy, baked hues

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