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Make Them Roar is a magazine and online shop for everybody who shares his or her urban surroundings with pets.

Curated in the East End of London, Roar features novel pet furniture and accessories from around the world. We want to inspire you to turn your home into a beautiful and healthy environment for yourself and your furry troops.

We believe that living with pets is one of the most rewarding lifestyle choices humans can make. If you are still looking for those special paws or have space for more, then please consider adopting from your local shelter. There are so many lonely hearts waiting to become your friend for life.

Go on and Make Them Roar, cause life’s better wild!



Mr Spats

Spats is my tuxedoed tomcat, born and raised in the wilderness of Hackney, London. With limited options to play outside, my gentle-giant is a sophisticated housemate, who fully embraces his urban habitat.



  • Spats will do anything for food and I get the feeling he’s found a few culinary caretakers up and down our street.
  • He’s not up for much playing these days, but shows an undue fondness of any light reflection.
  • He loves play-fighting General Teddington, although he never wins.
  • Has mastered 4 tricks but can’t wrap his head around ‘shaking’ his paw.



General Teddington

Teddie was found in Richmond, southwest London and nursed back to health at the wonderful Battersea Cats Home. We call him the General for his boldness and never-ending curiosity. He’s an affectionate little guy who loves his humans.



  • Teddie is very, very talkative. You could say he overdoes the meowing from time to time.
  • He hauls his favourite toys around the house. Then meows about his presents.
  • He has mastered 5 tricks but isn’t sure what to do about the hotel bell I’ve been trying to get him to tap.


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