Access all areas: how to design a cat friendly home

Access all areas: how to design a cat friendly home

Cats can be demanding housemates. And redesigning your home to make it cat friendly is not as straight forward as it seems.

So when Hiromi and Marek planned to rebuild their house close to Victoria Park in Hackney, East London, they made sure to brief their boutique architecture studio Scenario Architecture on their two cats.

Being a little shy around new people, fluffy Chuck Norris and sleek Darth Vader needed some design features to fully integrate them into the new living area.

Annis 2

Annis 3

The couple had refurbished the upstairs of their two-storey house by themselves. With the help of their architectural studio, their vision was to replace a cluttered arrangement of rooms and an un-insulated conservatory on the ground floor to create a Japanese-inspired, open-plan extension.

A cat friendly home

The new space would provide calming areas surrounding the large kitchen as well as a central feature for their cats: a dedicated walkway on top of the kitchen wall to allow both cats to inspect their surroundings from a very safe height.

Annis 3a

“Both our cats are a little careful around new people and use it when we have visitors in the house”, explains Marek. “The cat-walk continues across the hall and allows them to escape directly onto the staircase any time they feel things are getting a little too hot in our new kitchen.”

Annis 4

Annis 5

But the two did not stop there. With their open plan living area, they had also created a new connection to their garden. So, the pair continued their ‘catification’ project there.

And a cat friendly garden

“Our cats were used to a life indoors, so it took them a while to properly master climbing up the garden fences.” To help them stay off the ground and therefore away from neighbourhood cats and Hackney’s wild foxes, Marek and Hiromi created a second lofty walkway alongside the back garden fence. “We didn’t want to fully isolate the garden, so we build the walkway and left gaps so the foxes could roam in and out. Now everybody is happy.”

Annis 5a

Annis 6

Annis 8

I love this project as it proves how easy it can be to integrate your pets into your stylish and contemporary home. All you need is a little bit of imagination.


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