Dr Catsby’s whisker friendly cat bowls

It’s true that many cats are finicky eaters. But a relatively new diagnosis called ‘whisker-fatigue’ could be the reason why kitty’s leaving food in the bowl or pawing it out. As for some cats, it can be highly uncomfortable when their sensitive whiskers touch the sides of their food bowl.

Cats’ whiskers are extraordinary sensitive hairs that provide your cat with detailed sensory feedback about their environment. Whiskers give your cat information regarding her own positioning in space, help your cat navigate a dark room and hunt fast-moving prey by sensing changes in air currents. And they’ll help her to determine if she can squeeze into that ridiculously small gap under the stairs.

We’ve teamed up with Dr Catsby, who have thoughtfully designed a shallow feeding bowl that will take the stress out of your cats’ mealtimes. Here the team share some signs of ‘whisker fatigue’ to look out for:

  • Leaving food in the bowl, while still being hungry
  • Pulling food out of the bowl with their mouth or paw to eat off the floor
  • Only eating from the centre of the bowl
  • Acting aggressively towards other animals in the house during mealtime
  • Standing by the bowl before eating for a period of time, pacing around the bowl, or being hesitant to eat, though hungry

Dr Catsby's whisker friendly cat bowls


Dr Catsby’s wide and shallow bowls allow your cat to access her food without stressing her whiskers. We love the clean, simple design of the water or food bowl that’s made from food service grade stainless steel and sits on a non-slip base.

Dr Catsby's whisker friendly cat bowls

And although our cats at Roar do not show any of the above signs, they seem to prefer to eat from their shallow bowls.

We now have Dr. Catsby’s anti whisker fatigue bowls in our store.


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