Book review: Feed Me and Pet-tecture by visual arts publisher Phaidon

Book review: Feed Me and Pet-tecture by visual arts publisher Phaidon

London/New York publisher Phaidon is a rare gem for lovers of visual arts. Their beautifully illustrated books are a treasure trove of terrific visual arts content.

Over 1,500 books cover art, photography, design, architecture, fashion, food and travel.  Home to the Wallpaper* City Guides, Phaidon regularly teams up with artists, chefs, writers and thinkers to craft their books. And they offer them at really affordable prices!

We follow their Instagram (and so should you!) and spotted two gorgeous books you really need to know about. Feed Me is a beautifully illustrated book with 50 home cooked meals for your dog while Pet-tecture features 288 pages of architecture for pets created by the biggest names in global architecture.

Feed Me

This book is weighty in a really good way. Literally, it is heavy and the fully embossed cover gives it a real quality feel! So, we took a peek.

Home cooking for dogs isn’t necessarily a straight forward affair. It takes effort and planning. But author Liviana Prola, who has a PhD in Animal Nutrion’s here to help. She explains in detail how and why you should make the change to home cooked meals. The book contains 50 easy-to-follow recipes. Structured into three sections it offers tailored advice on the right vitamins and nutrients to cater for the needs of puppies, adult as well as senior dogs.

Don’t worry if you happen to live with a fussy eater as there are plenty of options, tips and twists to tailor each meal to your pup’s palette. Each recipe offers easy guides for portion sizes, information on vitamin supplements and dietary needs. Plus, there are meal plans and recipes to batch-cook and freeze dog food which comes in handy for urban pet owners with busy schedules.

I mean, which puppy wouldn’t go barking mad for pasta with carrot sauce and chicken? And which adult dog would shun a meal of rabbit stew with potatoes and Kefir? And the quinoa with squash and lamb ragu is exactly the kind of food our senior dog would love to gobble up before crawling onto the couch. Feed Me is illustrated with cute dog drawings throughout. Thank you to Kevin Waldron for making us smile.

Verdict: this book is the perfect present for a doting pet parent who happens to like cooking


At Roar, form follows fur. So, we were very excited to get our hands onto a copy of this comprehensive collection of homes for animals of all shapes, sizes, breeds and species.

Pet-tecture features over 200 examples of works by designers and architects including well-known names like Nendo, Kenya Hara, Sou Fujimoto, MAD Architects, Shigeru Ban and even Ikea. And we are particularly pleased to have spotted our German partners MiaCara who design and make stunning contemporary products for cats and dogs.

Featured future-design-thinkers provide new solutions to old problems and have been inspired by innovative recycled materials. For example, Green&Blue’s Bee Block and Bee Brick provide nesting spaces for solitary bees in response to the current global bee decline. And Welsh designers JAM set out to create an eco-friendly nest for wild birds. The body of their Nestbox is made from disused dishwasher and washing machine metal sheets while the front and back panels are made using salvaged wood.

Each entry comes with additional information on the architects and includes a short description and a visual of the design.

Verdict: this one’s the must-have for any animal-loving design connoisseur


We’re lucky that the super people at Phaidon have kindly given us 3x books of each title to give away to our readers.

Head over to Instagram @makethemroar to participate

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