BowWow Haus London | British Blue Cross

BowWow Haus London | British Blue Cross

The British Blue Cross for Pets has teamed up with the Outdoor Arts Foundation and internationally acclaimed photographer Drew Gardner to create a fundraising partnership.

The BowWow Haus London initiative will feature one-off dog kennels designed by architects, artists and celebrities. The creations will be exhibited in famous London locations like the iconic St Pancras Station and auctioned off at a charity gala event with proceeds going towards pets in need.

Amongst the big names who have already signed up are Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) who have designed “Cloud,” a curvaceous wooden cocoon bed that is elevated off the ground by a wooden pedestal and follows the form of a classic 60s bubble chair.


Other proposals include the futuristic Shiguru Foo-foo Pavilion (main post image) or the concrete Bark-alona Pavilion island by Design Haus Liberty.


My favourite so far is the below entry by contemporary architecture practice Shiro Studio offering a sleek hideaway in a geometrical wooden structure.

The Blue Cross are inviting inspirational architectural firms, innovative companies, renowned artists, builders, designers and talented celebrities from all over the UK to take part in this unique project.


Maybe you’re a creative genius and want to help pets? Do get in touch with the Blue Cross to find out how you can take part here.

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