Brush your way into your dog’s heart

One of the best ways to a dog’s heart is through his fur

Sure, treats, walks, and games might be welcome options too, but brushing your dog’s fur is a great way to bond with your four-legged friend. It gives your dog the chance to spend time with their favourite person, builds trust, and makes them feel safe. And it’s also really good to regularly remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff to bring out the natural oils in their fur.

On the back of their hugely successful Original Tangle Teezer for humans, the brand has launched the Pet Teezer dog brush range to get you going. It includes a detangling brush that takes care of your dog’s coat quickly and gently, while the palm-friendly deshedding brush is ideal to remove hair from double-coated dogs.

Brush your way into your dog's heart

Complementing the range is a recently launched set of smaller deshedding and detangling brushes, scaled down for the petite pup. All brushes in the collection have two-tiers of teeth to efficiently remove hair. While the longer teeth gently remove dirt from the undercoat, the shorter teeth easily pick up loose hair.

Priced at a palatable £12 for the standard and £10 for the small dog brush, they come in various bright & happy colours. Royalties from each Pet Teezer are going towards the amazing work of Battersea Cats & Dogs Home.


We have 3x sets of Pet Teezer brushes to give away for 3x roaring winners. Simply comment on this blog post below telling us your dog’s favourite way of bonding with you. We will draw the winners at random from all entries on June 23 2019. You can participate via this website as well as our associated social channels.

Brush your way into your dog's heart


So if you’re keen to get grooming, then check out our grooming products for dogs here.


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  • My favourite bonding with moment with my dog (Loke) is to sit in front of television where we watch some anmial tv program and I brush him with his favourite brush. He usually falls a sleep before the tv program has ended.

    Beata Gejde

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