Concrete cat and dog bed | Pet design furniture

Concrete cat and dog bed | Pet design furniture

Concrete isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of cosy pet beds. But the industrial material is making a strong appearance in the world of furniture design as many brands use it for its durability, unique surface texture and multiple colour alternatives.

When I stumbled upon this concrete cat/dog bed designed by Belgian designer Geerke Sticker for Dils & Mander, I was instantly reminded of the beautiful cat cocoons designed by Jed Crystal for Hepper, which we have written about previously. Yet, using concrete is pretty new when it comes to pet furniture.

The material is surprisingly versatile as it will keep pets cool in the summer and, equipped with a warm cushion, warm in winter. Suitable to live inside or out, it is easy to clean and brings a unique industrial look into your home.


The top and bottom segments of this design are joined through three wooden legs. And luckily, the overall dimensions of 47cm diameter and 27cm in height will not make the bed too heavy to manoeuvre.

The concrete bed is available via Dils & Mander if you have a little patience (approx. 5 weeks) to wait for its production.

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