Dodgy Dogs is a new card game featuring naughty dogs – and we love it

Dodgy Dogs is a new card game featuring naughty dogs – and we love it

Card game Dodgy Dogs is a simple, cheeky and fast game created by start-up Yolky Games with illustrations by French visual artist Jean Jullien. The game centres around our dogs’ naughtier side as drawings illustrate different breeds totally misbehaving; with bad behaviours ranging from chewing, stealing, weeing, digging to barking or humping.

Yolky Games is run by dog lovers. When realising that there aren’t any fun old school card games out there, and no card games featuring man’s best friend misbehaving, Yolky Games collaborated with artist Jean Jullien to showcase the true nature of dogs, in all their naughtiness. The cards are drawn in Jullien’s signature illustration style, using broad black brushstroke outlines that are paired with friendly and humorous interpretations of the world we and our fury troops live in.

Games company Yolky Games have designed this cute little gem for the entire family. It is fast to play and the rules are simple so it is easy for kids to pick up. All cards are given out at the start. Players take turns to lay down a Dodgy Dog card when they can either match the breed or the behaviour shown in the previous card. And the one who can get rid of all his cards first, wins.

Naughty dog breeds include Chow Chows, Sharpeis, Whippets, Bull Terriers, Basset Hounds and plenty more. The Dachshund stealing sausages is such a strong image and so is the Bloodhound’s grumpy fight.


Therefore, keep an eye out for Yolky Games’ Kickstarter campaign which launches on 26 June 2018.


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