We peek behind the scenes of German dog accessory makers Cloud7

Cloud7’s dog accessories are functional and beautiful. We are now stocking select items from Cloud7’s contemporary range because we share their belief that form follows fur. We embrace those makers who reinvent cat and dog products and create a long lasting items that will make your pet happy and create a beautiful home. Over the past few weeks, we have added Cloud7 products and have fallen for their dog beds and blankets, dog collars, dog bowls and dog wear.

We speak to founders Petra and Todd about their ideas and inspirations and what’s next for the German trendsetters.


Cloud 7 is a design label. You create contemporary and high-quality dog products. Tell us a bit more about how you started your business

We’ve been around for quite some time now. We founded Cloud7 in 2011 in Berlin. Our initial intention was to design a small line of essential products for our own dog and eventually distribute them through some selected boutique stores. So Cloud7 almost grew unintentionally.

Coming from a fashion design background, our original idea was to design the best dog products in terms of minimal and stylish look opposed to the mostly tacky stuff on the market. And use the best possible quality of products in the process.

When we received a lot of attention for our dog bed designs from international design and interior blogs and magazines, we then felt encouraged to take the next step and extend our collection into all relevant categories for dog products such as collars and leads, bowls, toys, carriers, etc. Later, we added dog coats and various relevant products for dog owners themselves.

dog accessory makers Cloud7

We love your brand name Cloud7, which stands for a feeling of pure content. How do you translate this into your designs?

The name is a fun hybrid from the English expression ‘cloud 9’ and the German equivalent ‘Wolke 7’ (English = cloud 7). Like you said the name is meant to express a feeling of comfort and happiness, which we try to translate into our products by using only sustainable and untreated materials. Thus keeping dogs away from chemicals that are mostly used in fabric productions and in the refinement of leathers. Our dog beds also use very complex constructions of mattresses that can keep up with human standards. Although we are a designer brand and are giving full attention to the look and design, the core values of all our products are on the inside.

Can you describe the creative process for Cloud7’s dog accessories and how you develop your ideas?

Every design starts with the function and by reflecting the dog’s needs. We ask ourselves how we can construct dog mattresses that give the dog the best possible comfort and that will last for many years? Or instead of focussing on the cuteness of dog coats, we start the design process with the question of how to dress and undress the dog within a few seconds. And secondly, we focus on finding fabrics that keep them dry and warm. We then develop sewing patterns that make sure our dog coats fit any dog breed out there. 90% of our product development process is research, the design then comes naturally and is just the logical consequence.

dog accessory makers Cloud7 2

What do you love most about running your pet business? What don’t you like?

Well, it’s probably the most positive industry one can be in. Sharing the love for living with dogs simply connects us to our customers in a unique and emotional way. Our customers are very loyal and stay with us over the years. We understand their needs and what their dogs require. The process of constantly finding new ways to improve the quality and fun in a dog’s life with the things we at Cloud7’s dog accessories brand can contribute is very satisfying. The only downside is that one becomes so dog-centric that you sometimes lose the perspective that there may be other things in life.


dog accessory makers Cloud7 3

And finally…if a dog owner walked up to you asking for your advice on how to pamper their pup and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

In short: Always listen to your dog.


Thanks for reading and enjoy browsing our store
Bettina at Make them Roar


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