Doggie trench coat by H&M

Doggie trench coat by H&M

Big designer brands are usually dedicated to humans, but brands like Barbour or Swedish fashion house Hennes & Mauritz have started to launched dog wear of their own. A very straight-forward and reasonably priced day-to-day item for the urban hound is the new trench coat by H&M. 

If you’re not sure how your new puppy or loyal companion will react to wearing his own garment this autumn, H&M’s dog trench coat might well be an option to test the waters. It comes in a beige colour and is made from a cotton blend with a soft inside fabric and velcro closing.

Don’t be tempted to click through to the size guide though, as you’ll find human sizes here.

If you’re after a range of luxuries and well-designed items, then head over to our dog wear category and see the beautiful range of waterproof dog coats we have in store for you.

Take a look at our new lookbook showing brand new labels we have stocked this autumn.

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