Goodbye my love. In memory of Spats 2009 – 2020

RIP my beautiful Spats

Last week my beloved Spats died. It’s so very hard to find the words to express how sad I am. Spats was a huge part of my life and has taken centre stage of my family for the past 11 years. They went by far too quickly.

Although more of a lover than a fighter, Spats was a confident boy who ruled his human and fellow pets, sometimes with an iron claw. He was a brave protector of his home and ensured that any visiting or resident dog exactly knew their place. Canines like our friend’s Zepp or our Axel have had to endure a fair share of his fierce control.

Spats liked his routine. From waking me up in the morning at exactly the same time to coming to sleep by my side at night, he lived his life exactly as he wanted. He would eat, sleep, cuddle and play following his own agenda, engaging only with whom he wanted and exactly how he wanted.

He wasn’t much of a lap cat and had a very particular idea of how he wanted to bond with his humans. He loved to rub his face against my hand in his very own way and his favourite way of showing affection was to snuggle up close by.

He was a good older brother to our little Teddington. Taking him under his wings, he loved to groom as much as play-fight Teddie. And despite his heart murmur, he was strong and full of life, which made me think he’d live forever. His death came not fully unexpected but very sudden nevertheless for all of us.

I will never forget my little Spats. He was the reason I started Make them Roar and I promise his legacy won’t be forgotten. Spats was adopted from a home that could no longer keep him and I am sure that one day down the line, I’ll give another little soul a well-cared-for life. I just need a little time.

I can’t help myself and hope that there’s a heaven for our pets. Maybe that rainbow bridge can really exist? I hope that wherever Spats’ soul is, he’s getting some extra treats and is stretching out all fours to soak up the warm sun.

Goodbye my love. In memory of Spats 2009 - 2020Goodbye my love. In memory of Spats 2009 - 2020Goodbye my love. In memory of Spats 2009 - 2020

Goodbye my love. In memory of Spats 2009 - 2020Rest in peace, I love and miss you very much my Spats


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