“Grossstadtloewe” by Julia Marie Warner | Photography

“Grossstadtloewe” by Julia Marie Warner | Photography

A few years ago, German photographer Julia Marie Werner went on a photo shoot in Spain where she found a homeless dog looking for food. Falling for his bright eyes and golden coat, she took him home and named him ‘Tschikko Leopold von Werner’ to accompany her on walks through the streets of her adopted home city, Hamburg.

Not your every day idea, but his lion-like features truly worked their magic and Julia made him a mane. The rest is canine portrait history: a series of photos titled GROSSSTADTLÖWE (English: big city lion) taken around famous landmarks of the port city started to conquer the internet.

Julia has since worked on many more projects and naturally got to photograph many more dogs.


If you’re now inspired to dress up your own pooch, and if he’s kind enough to let you, get your fancy dress mane here.


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