Healthy dog treats we’d totally steal a bite of

Review: East London’s fanciest dog treats

Being based in East London has its perks as we’re surrounded by great local markets. From Chatsworth Road and Victoria Park Market on a Sunday to Broadway Market, we really have it all here. And so do our dogs, as we discover more and more healthy dog foods & organic dog treats along the way.

One of our favourites brands is YOKO, who make a range of organic dog treats that are not only sourced responsibly but are packed with healthy nutrition and contain no added sugar or additives.

Healthy dog treats we'd totally steal a bite of

We spotted their stall on Broadway Market and got to test their various treats. Needless to say, the cats got involved, too. This naturally meant that the small fish bites went first. Closely followed by the Dandelion infused liver, which is slowly dehydrated and leaves the liver bites tasty, smelly and chewy. They also temporarily made a very, very good dog out of our eager treat tester.

At the heart of the YOKO brand lies a dog rescue story. Co-founders Ashley and Luis adopted Italian greyhound Yoko from the Humane Society in NYC in 2015. Being malnourished sadly led to her breaking both front legs. Helping her through recovery meant that both dog parents became increasingly aware of the need for healthy nutrition in dogs – which led to the launch of healthy dog food brand YOKO.

After our enormous tasting feast, we paced ourselves and still have various biscuits lined up to trial. Including lush combinations such as Carrot & Turmeric, Spinach, Kale & Seaweed or Salmon and Sweet Potato.

Healthy dog treats we'd totally steal a bite of

Beyond their range of treats, YOKO offers a bespoke tin to keep treats fresh as well as fragrance and supplements. They also help dog owners make their own healthy treat creations. Having recently run two workshops at the Hoxton hotel, YOKO will return to run further sessions in the fall.

Follow the brand on Instagram here.


Have you tried these or got any great dog treat recipes yourselves? Let us know in the comments!


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