How to play with your cat when you’re away from home

How to play with your cat when you’re away from home

.Do you wonder wow to play with your cat while you’re at work? Your Google search history probably pays testament to your fascination with kittens while you’re wishing you were back at home with your own little tiger. So, take a look at these recent Kickstarter projects that might well be the solution to connecting you remotely with your pet.

Kickstarter for Kittyo

Firstly, the versatile Kittyo device allows you to watch, speak to, play with and record your cat’s shenanigans. It can even give out treats while you’re away from home. All controlled by you through a phone app. Created by Lee Miller in 2013, the inventive technology is housed in a smart tabletop-tower and equipped with a laser toy, a camera, audio speakers as well as a treat dispenser.



Designed by an impressive team of specialists, the Kittyo has already reached its first prototype stage and will be completing its wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 3 days time.

So if you’re interested, then back this incredible project; there are a few ‘Early Bird’ pledges left, which will secure you a discount of $70 from the expected retail price of $189. Here’s the fabulous video that takes you through the entire development process and shows you how the Kittyo works.


Kickstarter for Petcube

The Petcube isanother sleek devise to check if your furry friends are fine. Its Kickstarter campaign finished last November and the Petcube is now ready to ship in late summer 2014.

The Petcube is set on a tripod mounting and is housed in an extruded aluminum casing with a glass front. It is kitted out with a laser pointer, wide angle camera lens, speakers and Wi-Fi. The Petcube connects to an app on your mobile phone and allows you to play with your pet remotely.



While the team is still working on the casing, the Petcube social app for iPhone has launched and can be used to share and browse pet photos and find other people to follow. The company plans to place a dozen Petcubes in animal shelters all over the San Francisco Bay area. To let users play with rescued animals via the app. You can keep up with the latest developments on Petcube’s blog and watch their video.


While I am typing all of this, Teddington is noisily reminding me of my duty to entertain and mollycoddle him – so however practical these devices may be in the short term, they should not be a substitute for any personal contact and cannot replace you over weekends or for longer periods of time.


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