How to walk your dog in a winter wonderland

How to walk your dog in a winter wonderland

Oh-my-god-it’s-cold-out-there. You’ve probably uttered that phrase 100 times by now. To colleagues, friends, your aunt who lives in Spain and your neighbour who dared to break ranks and start talking to you in the lift.

Luckily this is London. You’re only outside as you pop from the office to Pret for sustenance, dart into Zara to fondle sale items, then quickly descend into the underground to be awkwardly pressed up against strangers. You’re hardly outside at all.

Unfortunately taking refuge in the glorious Bahamas climate of shops, pubs and cafes isn’t an option when you’re walking your dog. So here are a few tips that will hopefully mean you don’t end up carrying a 30kg whimpering pooch home or trying to create a makeshift dog coat out of your 40% cashmere scarf. So how, to walk your dog in a winter wonderland:

Two coats are better than one

Their own fur coat might not be enough, especially if they are short haired or a small breed. Dog jackets that retain body warmth and keep out the wet weather are widely available and not too tricky to coax them into.

Ice-proof those paws

If your dog is uncomfortable wearing shoes then you can put paw balm on before your walk to protect their feet from ice and debris. It’s also worthwhile trimming the hair between their toes, as it’s prone to collecting moisture that freezes and causes them discomfort.


Discourage them from grazing

In case your area uses chemicals or roads salts, it helps to take your dog out after they’ve eaten so they aren’t as tempted to lick or eat anything they encounter on your walk.

Use reflectors

Winters days are darker and cars find it tricky to stop suddenly on icy roads. This means reflective collars, leads and badges can be little lifesavers on winter walks. (Stay tuned because we’re hoping to get some in soon!)


See the signs

Classic signals that your dog is feeling distressed by the cold include whining, shivering, lifting their paws needlessly and longing looks in the direction of home. You know your dog better than anyone. If they’re giving you their most sincere sad eyes then feel no guilt in taking the hint and taking them home.







So, there are a few things you can do to get ready to walk your dog in a winter wonderland.

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