Introducing a new hygge dog collection made in London

Hygge dog beds made in London

There’s nothing better than reading a book indoors on a rainy Sunday or enjoying a cuppa with your best friend huddled up nearby. Having spotted the unique dog beds from rag & paw we had to add them to our store. View the full range by clicking here.

With a love for interior design and dogs, rag & paw was launched after a year of designing and prototyping. We sit down with women entrepreneur Stephanie to talk about her young brand.


We love your Hygge dog bed collection. Does your canine muse Maple have a preference?

Thank you! She loved testing them all out, but she particularly loves the Puf and Hyggekrog because she loves to snuggle into the faux fur. The Puf is great because she likes to be as close as possible to her parents so we can use it as a footstool, and she curls up next to us!

Introducing a new hygge dog collection made in London

You design all of your products yourself. What is your background and how did you go about starting rag & paw?

Everything is designed by me and we go through a few trials before we reach the perfect product. My background is actually in science, I did a degree in biology and I was a Reception teacher for a few years until I realised my calling was in a career more creative. I have always been really into interior design and so when we got Maple, I found it so hard to find a dog bed that was stylish and unique enough. I started leatherwork a couple of years ago and fine-tuned my skills into making our accessories and loved the design process. With a lot of passion and determination, rag & paw was born!

What does luxury mean to you?

To me, luxury means premium quality and style. Products that you know have been made with attention paid to every detail and with the highest quality materials. The product can’t just look amazing it needs to be really functional, so the design process is key. It has to be stylish and something you can’t find everywhere, that extra bit special.

You make clothing and beds in London. How do you collaborate with your makers?

I needed a manufacturer to make our clothing and beds as I am definitely not skilled in that area! We had several meetings going through patterns and making my sketches come to life. There are only two ladies, so we have a small production line which means a lot of time and effort is put into every piece. We talk every step of the way to ensure the products are perfect. It is important to rag & paw for our products to handmade in the UK to support local businesses.

If you only had a few minutes and someone asked you for your best tip for dog parents, what would it be?

Get out for a walk every day, even if it is a short one! It is always an adventure and a great way to start or end your day and clear your mind. Potty train your puppy! We were a bit slack and it’s never fun finding an accident on your brand-new rug! Lastly, definitely socialise your dog all the time. There’s nothing worse than a scared dog and nothing better than watching them play with new friends!

Introducing a new hygge dog collection made in London

Watch this space for our addition of rag & paw’s dog coats. We’ll be in touch!


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