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I didn’t think I could be tempted to write about cat litter. Then, after receiving a generous sample of Kernel Kat Natural, I thought this new product would be well worth a mention: recently launched to the UK, Kernel Kat litter is made from biodegradable corn kernels that are highly smell-absorbent and can be easily cleaned and flushed or even composed.

My cats can be a little particular when it comes to their litter, but they generally accept clay and organic materials, so were very happy using the Kernel Kat. And after a week of determined use, Kernal Kat’s absorbency and clumping quality turned out to be very good and I found the litter tray easy to clean and almost dust-free. I was particularly happy with the entirely neutral smell, which I believe was one of the reasons for my cats to accept the new material as fast as they did.


I can’t confirm that Kat Kernal would last 5 times longer than other premium litters, but it’s a good value alternative to pricier products in the market but surely beats economy products. Kat Kernal Natura is sold in recyclable packaging and is available in pet stores and online . Further fragrance versions will be released in the coming months.

Now the only thing missing is a really stylish cat litter about the gorgeous Modkat Litter Box by Modko?




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