Introducing MiaCara’s stylish pet lifestyle collection

Introducing MiaCara’s stylish pet lifestyle collection

We’re excited to have launched MiaCara’s stylish pet lifestyle collection in our Make Them Roar Store earlier this month. Today we meet the maker Sebastian Zweig to talk about dogs, design, and exciting future plans from the Award winning German pet brand.


Sebastian, what made you start MiaCara?

It all started with our Labrador Cara. When buying certain products for her we felt that many of them simply didn’t keep their promise. Either they didn’t look nice or they simply lacked the right functionality.

When Cara one day refused to even lay down on a new dog cushion because she was afraid of the rustle of the Styrofoam filling, that was the moment when we decided that this could be done better. We had a few ideas for a range of dog products that would live by the modernist design principle of ‘form follows function’.


What’s your philosophy?

We really want to touch peoples’ lives and make a difference to how they live with their dogs and cats. We believe in the long term and develop sustainable products for a pet-friendly lifestyle.


What are you looking for when designing new products?

We are working with a number of high-profile product and interior designers. We make sure that our ideas cater for the needs of the animal first; comfort, quality and durability are what we are after. We design with a stylish, modern, yet down to earth look and are incredibly proud that our products have become a firm favourite with design conscious dog and cat owners.


I imagine your pets’ are your first point of call when it comes to testing new prototypes?

Cara simply cannot live without her dog cushion and dog bed. She just loves the comfort and cosiness of the special elastic foam filling. Which is what makes her the best product tester possible. Whenever we have a new cushion or fabric Cara’s the first one to try it out.

Molly likes to join us wherever we go. When she sees us grabbing the Cosmo travelBed she knows that she’s meant to come along and she loves the soft and familiar space it provides during our travels.


What do you think makes MiaCara different from other brands?

There are many companies out there making pet accessories. MiaCara prides itself being the brand with the most holistic range of stylish pet lifestyle products for a more beautiful living with your dog and cat.


What are your customers’ favourite products in your stylish pet lifestyle collection?

Dog cushions and dog beds, because both, dogs as well as their owners equally appreciate them. Each piece has been carefully crafted to provide a blissful sleep for the dog and to seamlessly blend into the interior for the owner.

Introducing MiaCara's stylish pet lifestyle collection


What are you planning for the near future?

We will be launching our new range of knitted dog blankets that were designed by Danish designer Karen Mimi. And we are planning a range of new cat products in autumn too.


Thank you, Sebastian


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