Modular cardboard cat furniture: it’s A Cat Thing

Modular cardboard cat furniture: it’s A Cat Thing

This Taiwanese architect  couple used their professional skills and designed a modular cardboard cat furniture set helping cats live a happy and healthy live indoors. And we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it, it’s A Cat Thing after all.

Their idea for A Cat Thing was born quickly after introducing two shy rescue kittens to their home in Taipei, Taiwan. Lacking any cat furniture they struggled making them feel safe. And to overcome their cats’ fear of their new surroundings, they started to build safe spaces using discarded cardboard boxes.

Soon after their kittens Lily and her brother Chacha grew more confident and started to become more open towards leaving their cardboard cat furniture.


Not surprisingly, old cardboard boxes aren’t a permanent solution for anyone with a trained eye for design. Using their skills and knowledge of building environments, they started to design a cardboard universe for their two tiny cats.

The new modular cardboard cat furniture set consists of four unique modules. Each module represents a room of a house. There’s a bedroom, a living room, a balcony and a ramp. All elements can be combined in multiple ways.

We love the subtle white graphics that elevate the product into a stylish home accessory.

Each module can individually serve as a hiding, sleeping or a play area and the combination of only a few modules can create unlimited structures that can be changed around freely. They can even be stacked high to allow for elevated games.


The architects used principles of Japanese origami to design the paper connections that hold the different boxes together. These techniques help to assemble the modules without the need for any tools.

We’re hoping that this is only the first (great) idea of many to come.

So, watch this space

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