Labbvenn teams up with the Academy of Fine Arts for new cat product range

Labbvenn teams up with the Academy of Fine Arts for new cat product range

Keeping design current is a difficult tasks. Refining what you have on offer, launching fresh colour updates or inventing brand new items are only a few of the challenges independent design-led brands face. So we were very intrigued to hear about Polish pet design studio Labbvenn’s collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Breslau).

Labbvenn’s range consists of minimal, well-crafted dog products and features the occasional homeware item for their owners, too. “As a design focused studio, we are constantly trying to find new trends”, explain founders Jolanta and Piotr.


Both consider themselves to be collaborators and see their partnership with the university as a new way to form strong ties to future design talents. “Being able to explore ideas with young people and to expand our offer in that way is essential for us as a small business’, explains Piotr.

During the current winter semester a team of teachers from the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design is leading the task to help introduce Labbvenn to the world of cats. The goal is to create 4 new cat homeware products and developing  4 future product concepts. “Instead of working on notional projects, teachers challenge their students to develop products that have to succeed in the real world. Naturally, everyone who signed up loves animals so it feels that the team can easily relate to living with a pet, explains Jolanta, who leads the design at Labbvenn.

The Movik dog bed

Our customers love the Movik dog bed and we can’t wait to show you the outcome of this novel venture and are keen to bring Labbvenn’s novel cat products to our shop soon.

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