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We’re only half way through the year, but already there’s a strong contender for our favourite cat book release of 2015….Meows and Roars of Inspiration is a fur-raisin’ collection of cat tattoos and artwork submitted by a plethora of talented ink slingers and artists from across the universe. From adorable bonnet-wearing kittens to superhero moggies in capes (there’s even a David Bowie cat, for Christ’s sake!) there’s more whisker action than you can shake a rubber mousey at.

The folk behind the project are wife and husband team, Jinxi and Steve Caddel who run Out of Step Books in California. “It took us a month to narrow down all the submissions we received,” says Jinxi who had the job of sifting through an avalanche of tattoo art, paintings, illustrations, sculptures, graffiti art and even cat cake art to select the final 1000 images. “There’s so much creativity out there, is makes the selection process extremely difficult,” she says.

Jinxi is certainly no stranger to tattoos herself with an impressive pink octopus cascading down her throat and family portraits etched on her legs to name but a few. “I do have two scuba diving kitties tattooed on my right arm,” adds Jinxi. “I had them almost two decades ago, and they are both pretty special to me. I have a true fascination with felines.”

As if this pussy project couldn’t elicit any more ‘likes’, a percentage of all book sales are donated into providing art education for children. “The Out of Step Books’ motto is “Viva La Creativity” and we firmly believe that art is an essential part of a child’s life and education,” enthuses Jinxi. “By donating to we’re working to keep art education alive and thriving in classrooms and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone involved!”


SPECIAL OFFER! Out of Step books is offering Make Them Roar fans 10% off any orders on Meows and Roars of Inspiration. Just enter ‘meowspromo’ into the Coupon Code box. Click here to order your copy.

Want to be featured in the next Out of Step book on the theme of fairytales and fables? Simply submit your work!


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