Miniature cat furniture made in Okawa, Japan | design wow

Miniature cat furniture made in Okawa, Japan | design wow

Okawa is a city in the south of Japan. With a heritage in woodworking, its local craftsmen collective Okawa Kagu have launched a marketing campaign titled Craftsman Made, to revive their legacy of traditional furniture making and showcase their skills.

To put their skills to the test, local craftsmen created miniature pieces of their human-sized collection and let some cats do the trialling. A pretty brave decision as they clearly know what they’re up against; describing cats as ‘capricious’ and with a ‘free-spirited’ nature, the team had remarkable confidence that their furniture would ‘satisfy such ‘selfish cats’.

The khaki green cat sofa was designed and produced by Hiromatsu Woodworking who produce a wide range of classic furniture. See how they made the sofa here.


The very comfy looking cat bed was designed and produced by Tateno Wood Art Company. See how they made it here.


The pieces are available directly through each company and will be displayed at Okawa’s tourism center. There are no prices but if you’re interested, contact Okawa Kagu here.

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