Obi, the smart new laser toy | Pet toys

Obi, the smart new laser toy | Pet toys

My tuxedoed tomboy Spats goes nuts for laser beams and the sophisticated Obi would make the ultimate stocking filler.

This latest cat-gadget can be remotely controlled via your iPhone or iPad and will entertain kitty with a series of behaviors in automatic mode or turn into a trackpad to allow you to move the laser as you would your mouse.




Serial entrepreneurs Tom and Dan reinvented the laser, a popular cat-toy that truly needed a bit of rethinking. Please remember to offer the laser in small dosis so the pointless chase won’t frustrate your cat.

So far, the Obi isn’t funded, but fingers crossed they’ll get there in the end. To give your support, visit their Kickstarter campaign.


Nice to have you here.



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