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There are many herbal products out there, but this new range of catnip and valerian is a strong contender for the most stylish range I have seen to date. And because we all love to drug our cats from time to time Tabby James’ fresh, fragrant and organic produce makes an excellent gift for your furry friends.

Tabby James_1

When founder Carol’s Maine Coons turned from energetic outdoor to lazy indoor cats, she decided to grow her own catnip that would stimulate her ageing giants. So, her brand Tabby James was born, offering a new range of rave-inducing catnip and comforting valerian. Working together with certified organic farms around the Pacific Northwest of the US, Tabby James can guarantee 100% chemical free and natural products.

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I love the minimalist, contemporary look of the new brand; designed so that the products can be left on a kitchen counter or coffee table and be used it more often. Opt for a screw-top glass bottle or a cute little sampler.

Tabby James products are now available on Roar.

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We have a mixed set of Tabby James high quality catnip and valerian for you. To win, simple tell us why you’d like to win these magic herbs. So enter now, by leaving your answer in the comments!

By entering the competition you agree to these terms and conditions:

  • To enter the competition simply comment on this post leaving your contact email in the respective field (we will not display it publicly).
  • The prize consists of: 1 x mixed box set containing regular cut catnip, fine cut catnip and valerian root.
  • This competition closes on Saturday, 31 October 2015.
  • As a condition of entry to this prize draw, you are subscribing to the free Roar and Tabby James newsletter. If you would like to un-subscribe from either, you will have the opportunity to do so when you receive the first newsletter and every newsletter thereafter through the ‘un-subscribe’ option.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older.
  • The winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries. Winners will be notified by email.
  • If there we do not receive a response from the winner within one week after notification, we will draw an alternative winner.
  • The winner must supply a shipping address. The prize will be shipped directly to the winner, free of charge worldwide, excluding Australia.


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  1. 1
    Denielle Nicol

    I’ve family of eight cats and some react to catnip and a few don’t but the ones that do! Soooooo funny to see them go crazy then very happily relaxed!. Dxx sorry I’m not sure if I committed before as something went wrong when i pressed submit then said I had posted it but was unable to see it.

  2. 5
    Pamela Cook

    We have a very nervous old rescue cat who absolutely loves his rather tatty catnip sack and rushes to it for comfort whenever he is worried, so a chance to give him even more comfort would be fantastic!

  3. 6
    Pamela Cook

    We have a very nervous old rescue cat who loves his old catnip sack and rushes to it for comfort whenever he is worried – so a chance to give him even more comfort would be fantastic!

  4. 7
    Emily Clark

    I absolutely love watching my cats going crazy over catnip, filming it and putting in on instagram. Mean? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely!

  5. 11
    ellie spider

    I’d love to win as I have 4 kitties. They all really enjoy their valarian knotties (little felt fabric parcells filled with valarian) and I use cat nip spray on their kitty trees and toys which they love. They are all rescue kitties with their own little quirks and they all love to roll around in the powdered cat nip. I think they would love to try the high end quality stuff rather than the cheap weak form I get them

  6. 15
    sue lempkowski

    Pepper loves catnip , so funny he goes mad for 5 minutes , then crashes out . would be interesting to see what the difference is

  7. 22

    Our two cats Riley & Jessie although entering their twilight years will go mad for this and I have no doubt it will make them both Roar, plus we would love to see the light shine in their eyes again. <3

  8. 23
    nicola weeks

    I moved out of my parents house for a year and my cat/best friend has never forgiven me despite me moving back again! Maybe this would help her forgive me… 😛 xx

  9. 28
    Rebecca Howells

    It would make a very unique Christmas present for the cats. I love how they are packaged. I would re-use the packaging too to store things in. The cats would love them – great stocking filler! (@PeanutHog)

  10. 45

    My cats would love this. It is great to find new, quality products for their treats! Their Christmas stockings woul be a lot more fun!

  11. 53
    Karen B

    Our two cats would love to try these. As they are indoor cats we try to keep them entertained as much as possible and catnip makes them very happy indeed!

  12. 54
    Amy B

    Our cat is getting on a bit – she is going to be 17 next year. She spends most of her time indoors now so this would definitely give her something to occupy her tim!

  13. 58
    Michelle Wild

    My beautiful hedonist kitten loves catnip so much she killed the plant I grew for her by helping herself until it died through being over-eaten. This would be be very helpful until I can grow her some more.

  14. 59
    Natalie Gillham

    I always give my brother cat a small treat when i go round there for christmas dinner, so this would be a really great and different gift 🙂

  15. 68
    Andrea hall

    I have 3 cats and both go mad for catnip, I would love to try your product with them and I’m sure they would have simply the best time ever

  16. 69
    Andrea hall

    I’ve got three cats and they simply love catnip, and I’d love to try them with your product, I’m sure they would have a catnip fantastic time

  17. 70
    Sue H

    I have a mad meezer kitten who needs calming down before he exhausts us (valerian) and a six year old sad little girl meezer who has just lost her litter mate brother and needs cheering up (cat nip) with a herbal helping hand please

  18. 71
    judy hardie

    I have 5 cats so you can imagine the competitiveness between them! The youngest, theo suffers from stress and has had blocked bladder problems. He is on cystease capsules daily and we get him to drink lots of (tuna) water. But I would love to relax him naturally, and I haven’t heard of Valerian for cats. So I would love to try it.

  19. 77
    Gill Colling

    My cats generally ignore catnip but valerian they adore! and it’s not as easy to find dried valerian. So I’d love some valerian for them please.

  20. 78
    andrea tinkler

    OOps i apologise if commented twice, but my 2 boys would love this. They hate this time of year and this could help calm them x

  21. 79
    andrea tinkler

    My cats love catnip and anything that can help calm them is good. I dread this time of year and there were fireworks going off last night. Two frightened little boys xx

  22. 90
    Christina Sleight

    We will be getting a new cat soon from the rescue centre. To help the cat to settle in we would like him to enjoy these cat-nips.

  23. 94

    Because I love to spoil my FIV+ indoor-only rescue baby, Rex. He rolls around on the floor and dribbles lots when he gets good ‘nip, so cute

  24. 97
    Janet Humphrey

    nothing better than watching out lovely rehomed cat go completely nuts with catnip. We’ and he’d have a great time with this

  25. 98
    Katie Kingsbury

    My cat has varying reactions to catnip, I suspect he’s yet to have ‘the really good stuff’ so would love to give him some of this.

  26. 99
    Ann Peters

    My lovely 15 year old has recently lost his sister. He obviously misses her as he has been crying and yowling at night. They were close and always together. It would be fab to encourage him to play and enjoy some sensory fun.

  27. 101
    Susan B

    There are always one or two less confident cats in a multicat household like mine so it’s great to give them little treats such as these to relax them and boost their confidence.

  28. 103
    Marsha Cooper

    As cat mom to 11 cats, keeping them entertained is important. I love watching their reaction to catnip and the love the taste & effect of it.

  29. 104

    Having 5 demanding boys from 1 to 14 to keep happy, this will come in handy indeed! The crazy twins will happily go nuts over anything. The big lad likes his valerian with a side of fluffy mouse. Mr Pretty Kitty goes squeaky, wriggly over valerian and nip and the old man, well he indulges in a little nip when he thinks no-one is looking. This lovely prize will keep the whole family happy ……………………… and save my toes!

  30. 106

    My fuzzy beast is a catnip snob! It’s been a rare occasion when she’s reacted to catnip in an entertaining manner. I’d love to present her with some gourmet nip.

  31. 108

    Sounds amazing! Having two high maintenance indoor bengals I’m always looking for new things to keep them stimulated… And who doesn’t love a little nip at the weekend 😉

  32. 110
    Pamela Cook

    Our much loved cat is ageing fast
    (and had a quite traumatic past),
    We’d love to give him a surprise
    And see the light shine in his eyes!

  33. 111
    Pamela Cook

    Our much loved cat is ageing fast
    (And had a quite traumatic past)
    We’d love to give him a surprise
    And see the light shine in his eyes!

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