Perfect pet accessories to go outdoors

Perfect pet accessories to go outdoors

Time to go outdoors. It’s gotten a little warmer and the comrades have started to lose their furry coats. So it’s just about the right time to upgrade their barracks.

High up on my shopping list are GoPetDesign’s handmade pup tents. These gorgeous pet tents are upcycled in Brocklyn, US. Using Martexin waxed cotton, these little tepee tents have a heavy-duty duck flooring and come with a rather adorable, roll-up front door.

Perfect pet accessories to go outdoors

If you’re enjoying this army theme, the pocket-sized field ‘sink’ might be the right thing to add. After a long walk, a source of clean, fresh water will be just what your little generals would approve of.

Perfect pet accessories to go outdoors

While the dog tent and bowl are designed for canines who love to go outdoors, the pacaPET natural alpaca toys are made solely for our female combatants. Each toy is handmade from Alpaca wool, which is sourced from independent family farms from across the US.

GPD Paca Pets

So, it’s over and out for now, but there will be more to make them roar.

Enjoy browsing our dog beds and bowls.

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