Pet products but not as you know them | Dote brand launch

Pet products but not as you know them | Dote brand launch

If you have a soft spot for kitsch then please look the other way now; as brand-new pet designers DOTE have launched their deliciously minimalist prototype collection at London Design Festival last week. Co-created by furniture designers Nic Wallenberg and Helena Hedenstedt, Dote’s debut collection follows an environmentally responsible ethos with designs that are made to enhance urban living spaces and encourage harmonious co-habitation with your furry friends.

The collection features four versatile prototypes that are beautifully crafted and multifunctional. It includes a grooming kit, a sleek carrier tote, a playful mouldable blanket and wall climbers made from hard-wearing recycled plastic and industrial felt.


All products are vegan and are mainly crafted in Swedish factories that are strictly regulated. And it is surprisingly versatile and so so much fun; take the mouldable blanket, a cosy comforter made from 100% recycled felt that can be shaped into tunnels, caves and coves due to its superfine copper net inlay.


Dote’s classic tote bag carrier opens its comfortable arms to cats or small dogs and can be fully flattened to serve as a travel bed. It is made from a shock and water resistant heat-pressed felt and breathable mesh with a soft mesh lining.


The modular wall climber is made from heat-pressed felt and is designed to let your cats get on with what they do best: climb, scratch, exercise and nap, all of that without leaving the comforts of their home.


I personally love grooming the Roar boys and think the silicone/metal grooming kit is a real winner. The double headed comb allows you to detangle hair while the other side is made for combing or styling. Both sit atop a curved base compartment that confines stray hairs.



I am pretty sure the designers’ cats Sika and Kira had a blast testing these novel ideas, especially the range of toys.


Dote’s range will launch later this year. Until then, follow them on Facebook or Instagram and sign up to their newsletter on


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