Pet Superfine: luxurious dog beds made in Italy

Pet Superfine: luxurious dog beds made in Italy

Creative entrepreneur Paulo De Anna’s exclusive collection Pet Superfine are the ultimate range of luxurious dog beds made in Italy. It may not be for those of us on a budget. But if spectacular design makes you weak in the knees, this magical collection may well bewitch you.

A highly skilled team of Italian artisans from the Veneto region handmakes these stunning dog beds. Superfine exclusively uses high-end materials like olive, walnut or steam-bent zebrawood, quality faux leather and raw steel.

For example, the Atomo a stunningly welded geometric sphere is without a doubt a talking point for your home.


The pet beds Firenze, Giotto or Milano all feature soft rounded lines made from steam-bent wood or methacrylate. Naturally, the team will be able to tailor the item in a finish of your choice. All beds are raised and have luxurious foam cushioning and a microfiber cover that is fastened to the furniture with buttons. We particularly like the imitation leather upholstery with classic deep buttoning. Magical.

Superfine_111 Superfine_222Superfine_444 Superfine_555

To make it even more exclusive, Superfine has inscribed each limited-edition bed with an individual production number. The total number of items produced is 200. Others are treated with a spectacular finish like the Garda Lux Mos. And then covered with Bisazza Opus Romano mosaic tiles and embellished with hand cut tesserae in white gold. Phew.


Maison&Object 2014

Other products in Superfine’s range include the playful pet-bed-come-flowerpot or a perforated cube. Imaginative, and very stylish pet dens. With even more new products in the pipeline, you can meet these guys in the person during the MAISON&OBJET design fair from 5th – 9th September 2014 in Paris.


Nice to have you here and if you’re looking for a modern dog bed yourself, then take a look at our shop here.

Bettina Frohn

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