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Discover our selection of stylish designer dog products and accessories. We have handpicked our selection from our favourite independent brands from around the world. We only stock items that are long-lasting and responsibly made.

We cater for dogs of all sizes and breeds. The design stylish we stock range from contemporary modern, mid-century minimalist to classic styles that will add to any home decor. All of our designer cat products are made to keep your dogs healthy, happy and entertained while adding a gorgeous focal point to your living space.

Dog lovers can browse our store for products ranging from designer dog baskets and blankets, dog collars, to dog bowls and dog toys. We offer quality coupled with high functionality and give you value for money. We only stock exceptional designs at accessible prices and offer free shipment on purchases over £250.

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    • Hands-free leather dog lead Lasso


      Hands-free leather lead

      Wear this extra long leather lead cross-body to free up your hands! Adjustable to three lengths when you want to keep your pup closer.

      • Handmade from full grain Italian leather lead
      • Metal carabiner to adjust the length
      • Length: crossbody 1.7 m (66.93 inches) | short 1.2 m (47.24 inches) | long 2.0 m (78.74 inches)
      • Width 2 cm (0.79 inches)
      • Thickness 3 mm (1/8 inches)
      • Weight 250 g (0.55 lb)

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    • Leather dog collar with a customisable metal tag Fir



      This durable and stylish leather dog collar comes with a customisable metal tag for everyday use.

      • Free shipping
      • Handmade to order from tanned full grain leather with beautiful patina
      • Choose from 5 sizes and 5 colours to fit your dog perfectly
      • Metal hardware
      • Width 2 cm (0.79 inches) | Thickness 3 mm (1/8 inches)
      • Weight 50 g (0.11 lb, depends on size)
      • Email your dog’s name and the phone number that you would like to show on the round metal tag at

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