2x concrete food & water bowls WONTON


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Beautiful concrete bowls (2x)

The solid food & water bowls are not only beautiful but will help keep the feeding area tidy and clean as the weight will avoid the bowls sliding across the floor.

  • 2x concrete bowls with removable bowls
  • Removable and dishwasher safe stainless steel bowls
  • Round base supported by rubber pads to protect your floor and minimise any sliding
  • Beautiful natural concrete finish
  • Concrete base diameter – 15 cm | bowl diameter – 14 cm | Height – 6 cm | Weight – 1,1 kg |

Go on and Make them Roar

Concrete food & water bowl WONTON – this order ships 2x bowls

We have a feeling that dinner time might be one of the most important things to your dog or cat too? Yes, our furry friends love their meals and these concrete bowls provide a stable base to keep the eating and drinking area tidy. This helps keep the area hygienic and clean. The weight of the concrete bowls means that the bowls won’t slide across the floor. The inner stainless steel bowls are held in place too. The bowls sit on a round base with rubber pads underneath to protect your floor and minimise any sliding.

The outer concrete comes in a light grey, featuring a natural surface structure. The removable steel bowl adds to the look and helps keep everything tidy as steel is not a breeding ground for germs and is easily removed separately from the base and can be placed into your dishwasher for a proper intense clean.



  • Concrete base diameter – 15 cm | 5,9 in
  • Metal bowl diameter – 14 cm | 5,5 in
  • Height – 6 cm | 2,4 in
  • Weight – 1,1 kg | 2,4 lbs



The 2x concrete bowls ship from Poland via courier and are despatched in 1-2 working days


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