Blue waterproof dog rain cape WILLIAM

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Easy fitting dog rain cape 

Keep your dog dry and comfortable on a rainy day’s walk.  

  • Easy fitting dog cape in a navy blue
  • 100% water repellent outer fabric, lined with soft cotton
  • Adjustable cape with closures and elastic bands around the legs 
  • No-leak lead access to harness

Go on and make them roar (in the rain)

Blue waterproof dog rain cape William

The functional water repellent dog rain cape comes in a deep blue colourway. It is designed to fit easily and will serve as a raincoat or windbreaker during the cold winter months.

The cape is made from the classic functional fabric that is also used in classic fisherman raincoats. It is lined with soft cotton to provide extra comfort and warmth. The neck closure, as well as the belt, are adjustable. Elastic leg bands allow you to fit the cape to your dogs’ body comfortably.  In addition, the William dog cape comes with no-leak lead access that allows you to easily attach your dog’s lead to a harness.

The dog rain cape is available in 8 sizes. If you are unsure which size to pick, please email us and we will help.

SizeBack lengthExample breeds
1030cm – 35cmYorkshire, Little Poodle, Bichon Frise
12.536cm – 41cmMini Schnauzer, Poodle, Jack Russel
1542cm – 47cmKing Charles, Teckel, Westie
17.548cm – 53cmBeagle, Scottish Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog
2054cm – 59cmBorder Collie, English Bulldog, Bull Terrier
22.560cm – 65cmBoxer, Dalmatian, Weimaraner
2566cm – 71cmLabrador, Weimaraner, Golden Retriever
27.572cm – 80cmGolden Retriever, German Shephard, Dogo

How to measure your dogs’ size  

Measurements you will need to take for dog jackets and coats are generally taken around the chest and alongside the back of the dog. Measure your dog’s chest at its widest circumference. Ensure he’s relaxed and breathes normally when you do so. Allow for additional 2 fingers wide space between the coat and your dogs’ skin. You want a snug fit but nothing too tight to interfere with their breathing.


  • Outer fabric: 87% PVC and 13% Polyester
  • Inner lining: 100% cotton

The dog rain cape is machine washable at 30° maximum. Please use a very gentle cycle, and do not use bleach. Do not tumble dry. 

Do dogs need clothes in winter?

Dog sweaters, jackets or coats can be helpful in cold weather. Especially when your dog’s own fur coat might not be enough. Short-haired and small breeds like Chihuahuas or Greyhounds as well as younger or older dogs can benefit from a coat to retain their body warmth and keep out the wet. On the other hand, larger dogs and those with dense coats might not require additional insulation at all. Extreme examples are Huskies or Malamutes, whose fur is perfectly suited to cold temperatures and who might overheat when wearing additional layers. Please ask your vet when you’re unsure. Always ensure that your dog coats do not contain any parts that can be chewed off and swallowed like buttons or hooks.



This dog rain cape ships from Spain.


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