Boho style dog blanket Lucia

Boho style dog blanket Lucia

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Boho style dog blanket Lucia

Why we love Lucia:

  • 100% cotton
  • Each item is made by hand making no two the same
  • One size 45” x 70” (approx 115cm x 170cm)
  • Dry clean or cold wash only
  • 2 happy colours to enjoy the summer

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Boho style dog blanket Lucia

This boho style dog blanket will make a colourful addition in your home or when away on a picnic. Blankets like the Lucia work perfectly as a protective throw over a chair, couch or a bed. Or even in your car. And they make a great addition to a sophisticated boho style urban interior.

The boho style dog blanket Lucia is made from 100% cotton. Because each item is handcrafted using traditional hand sewing techniques, each item is unique and no two are the same.

The blanket is available in one size of 45′ inches x 70′ inches or approximately 115cm x 170cm. This makes it a manageable size to cover any area that you would like to keep clean. This size is large enough for big breeds like a German Shepherd.

It can either be dry cleaned or cold washed in a machine using a gentle washing cycle. Please do not tumble and dry the blanket on a flat surface. The boho style dog blanket comes in two happy summer colours. White and yellow as well as grey and white.

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Made in Ecuador to help humans and pets alike

Allku, Quechua for dog, is a group of Ecuadorian artisans and dog lovers striving to create a high quality product for dogs and their human companions!





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