Brown leather lead coupler for two dogs RIVERSIDE

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Two’s better than one 

This gorgeous brown leather lead coupler easily transforms a single lead into a lead for two dogs. And two are better than one. Happy walkies!

  • 60cm long, with 2 width (chose from pull-down menu)
  • Handmade from a very soft and robust greased leather the coupler transforms a single lead into a double
  • Leather lead coupler available in 2 width
  • Black or saddle brown leather options will develop beautiful patina
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Ships in 1-3 days via courier

Go on and Make them Roar

Dog walking coupler for two dogs on one lead

The lead coupler is ideal for walking more than one dog on one lead. The coupler comes with two carabiners that can easily be attached to any lead. It’s handmade from a very soft and robust greased leather, that gives the lead coupler a refined look. The braiding detail is a cute look as is the high-quality hardware. Over time, the oiled leather develops a beautiful patina.


One size, different width

The lead coupler comes in two sizes:

  • Small: 60cm long, 1cm wide
  • Large: 60cm long, 1.4cm wide


Colour variations

The lead coupler is available in black and saddle brown


  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Stainless steel hardware

Leather Care

Regular greasing helps to keep the leather soft and supple.



The brown lead coupler ships in 1-3 days via courier from Germany


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