Cardboard scratching tunnel TITO DARK GREY


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Cardboard playground

This handmade cardboard scratching tunnel makes for a superb playground and scratching pad for your house tigers.

  • Handmade from corrugated cardboard, felt and jute rope
  • Natural colours dark grey, red, beige
  • 34cm x 31cm x 46cm (W x H x L)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Made to order and ships within 10 working days from Poland.

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Cardboard scratching tunnel TITO

The TITO tunnel is made from corrugated cardboard, felt and jute rope. Cats love these natural ingredients and are especially keen to sink their claws into the cardboard and jute surfaces.

The entire structure can be used as a cat scratching tunnel, inside as well as outside and makes a cosy den to withdraw into. Having multiple scratching options in the home will prevent your cat scratching other sonft surfaces like your sofa or carpets. Cats scratch to communicate and express joy and excitement, stretch their muscles and to manicure their claws.

The tunnel’s transparent walls make it a nice option for a light sleep when your cat wants to ensure they hear and see what’s happening in their surroundings. The tunnel makes for a superb playground too, so introducing one to playful kittens would be ideal.

As the cardboard will shed, the scratcher will need some TLC and you will find some debris around. But we have the house full of cardboard scratchers and they are much less work than we originally thought.

Product details

Materials: corrugated cardboard, felt and jute rope
Colours: dark grey, red, beige
Dimensions: 34cm x 31cm x 46cm (W x H x L)
Weight: 2.5 kg
Handmade and therefore, dimensions may vary slightly


The TITO will be made to order, so please allow for up to 10 working days manufacturing prior to shipping. Ships from Poland in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.



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