Dachshund pendant from recycled silver AXEL

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Limited edition Dachshund pendant

This gorgeous silver Dachshund pendant is an hommage on our very first family pet Axel. It’s modelled on our clever, lively, and fearless little Dachshund who lived with us in the late 70s. If you love Dachshunds, this will be your perfect gift. FREE SHIPPING
  • Limited edition of 10 Axels
  • Small pendant which sits beautifully on your collarbone, only weighing 6.2g
  • Pendant 2cm long and 3cm high with a 40cm necklace
  • Made from solid recycled silver found in computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Comes in a soft pink jewellery bag and makes an ideal gift
  • Free shipping

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Dachshund pendant made from recycled silver

This gorgeous silver Dachshund pendant was modelled on my very first Longhaired Dachshund Axel. I wanted to celebrate my first pet and Axel came into my life when I was about 6 years old. Axel is a small pendant which sits beautifully on your collarbone, only weighing 6.2g.
Our Axel was a real character, so I have made sure that he comes with a lot of detail. Especially in his fur and his cute little face, tail and paws. The real Axel was always keen to get out and go so we made sure to give the pendant a very playful pose. Axel had made himself a reputation for being entertaining and courageous, but what he wanted most was to cuddle. Axel is small and delicate but made from solid silver. The pendant is therefor solid and not fragile. From his paws to the highest tip of his tail he measures 2cm and from his nose to the furthest tip of his tail he measures 3cm.


  • Necklace; 45 cm long
  • Pendant: 2 cm high x 3cm wide



It is made of 100% recycled silver, gathered from discarded computers, laptops and smartphones. By using recycled silver as much as I can, I aim to limit the transportation needed to source silver from mines all over the world, reduce the energy needed to mine for the metal, reduce the destruction of natural habitats and slow down the consumption of our natural resources.


Free of charge, Axel ships from London. He has been made with love and a lot of happy memories. Bettina from Make them Roar


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