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Dog peanut butter treat


Your dog will go nuts over this specially made peanut butter. Trust us, we’ve seen it! This super-charged nutty treat is packed with wholesome ingredients and boasting a great flavour. Made with just 3 health encouraging ingredients, this dog treat in small batches daily.

The peanuts start out by being gently toasted to enhance their rich, nutty flavour. This nutritious super treat is then adorned with a hint of cinnamon, for a naturally sweet flavour and a natural breath freshener.

  • Enjoyed straight from the spoon, mixed into food or even added to home baked treats
  • See label for use by date
  • Free from salt, sugar, palm oil and additives
  • Enriched with digestion boosting coconut oil which also helps to boost the immune system

Bakery: Neoh and Nobo

Delivery: This item is shipped from the UK. Email us or see our terms and conditions for more information.


About Neoh and Nobo

Dedicated to the memory of their beloved dog Neoh and his favourite toy Nobo, this artisan bakehouse creates handmade treats for dogs using organic ingredients mixed with a huge amount of love for dogs.



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