Elegant dog bed Stokke

Elegant dog bed Stokke

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Elegant dog bed Stokke

This elegant dog bed Stokke will give your dog a perfect break. Not only does it offer a comfortable place for a nap, it also looks modern and comes with updated 2018/2019 colourways and modern look.

  • Grey, pink and grey/pink colour variations available
  • Three sizes for fit any dog
  • Designed for plenty of everyday use
  • Durable cover and inner material
  • Firm outer sides of the Stokke allow your dog to snuggle into them or rest his head

Go on and Make them Roar

Elegant dog bed Stokke measurements

It’ll fit your Jack Russel, French Bull Dog or Beagle perfectly. Here are three sizes to choose from:

  • Small: 70cm x 55cm x 22cm for smaller breeds like Jack Russel, Yorkshire Terrier, French Bulldogs or West Highland Terriers
  • Medium: 90cm x 70cm x 26cm ideal for Beagles, Collies, Schnauzers or Australian Shepherds
  • Large: 110cm x 90cm x 30cm ideal for dogs like Boxers, Irish Setters, Labradors or Golden Retrievers

The inner cushions of his elegant dog bed Stokke are covered with high quality cotton and filled with elastic air-permeable foam that moulds to your dog’s body shape. The back and spine are supported while your dog can rest his tired head comfortably on the slightly higher and firm outer edges. Please clean the mattress and the cover regularly to maintain you’re the excellent material of your beautiful dog bed.

Stokke Colours

The elegant Stokke is available in four colours including two mixed variations. Select your favourite in the drop-down menu and chose from:

  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Grey bed with a pink cushion
  • Pink bed with a grey cushion


Stokke Material

  • Cover 100% polyester
  • Inner mattress: 100% cotton (Oeko-Tex Standard 100)
  • Foam filling: 100% polyurethane (Oeko-Tex Standard 100) which is highly elastic, pressure and deformation resitant, high in air-permeability, anti-allergenic


Why you should invest in a good dog bed

Many new dog parents wonder which products will be important for their new furry friend. Besides introducing a healthy dog nutrition, using dog food bowls that can easily be cleaned and using a collar or harness that is comfortable, we also recommend investing in a good dog bed.

We do this, because we consider dog beds to be an essential necessity for your dog, no matter which breed, size or age. Benefits of a good dog bed are:

  • Dog beds protect your dog from cold and often drafty floors while leaving the sofa for you and your human friends. Especially in winter, a dog bed with nesting walls provides warmth and comfort
  • The familiar smell of a dedicated dog bed will calm your dog, giving him a safe retreat and making him feel secure
  • Especially older dogs, or those with arthritis, welcome a soft place that can support their joints at the same time
  • In particular long-haired breeds, can shed around the house. A dog bed will contain most of the hair to this one location. All dog beds in our collection offer washable covers
  • Dog beds provide your furry friends with an easier access to their sleeping pad in comparison to a space on a couch or the bed. This helps especially older dogs.
  • Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the dog beds we stock. We are here to help.

Our curated ranges are key items that will elevate your pets home living environment.  We offer dog beds, cushions and dog blankets to cater for all kinds of dogs and breeds. Because all dogs have their own unique character and also their own way of sleeping and relaxing, we have ensured our collection offers you a wide choice. Depending on your dogs’ preferred space, he might want to sleep on your furniture or prefer his own little space and a more traditional dog cushion would be something to consider.


Delivery: The elegant dog bed Stokke ships from Poland


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