Embroidered white t-shirt My Kids Have Paws

Embroidered white t-shirt My Kids Have Paws

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Embroidered t-shirt My Kids Have Paws

We love this classic white tee created in collaboration Hoop n Loop:

  • Classic white tee, 100% cotton, with delicate embroidery that brings texture to the design
  • Embroidery available in black and gold – ask us if you’re keen on another colour
  • Longer durable than printed t-shirts
  • Available in 4 sizes, but email hello@makethemroar.com if you’d like another size
  • We ship the tee worldwide for free

Delivery: This garment ships from London, UK


Embroidered white t-shirt My Kids Have Paws

This adorable embroidered white t-shirt my kids have paws is the first item created in a new collaboration with contemporary pet embroidery brand Hoop n Loop. We both love living in East London with our pets and thought we’d tell the world on our first tee how much we adore them. With Hoop n Loop’s creative eye, the design of this first my kids have paws t-shirt is a loving homage to our all of them.

We believe that nothing can beat the classic style and versatility of a quality white t-shirt. That’s why we have picked it as the base for our first little message. Embroidery uses thread to embroider the image directly onto the fabric. Compared with printed t-shirts, embroidery will last much longer and provides a unique texture that enhances the item’s look. It doesn’t wear off like silkscreen paint does. It can also be washed just like the garment it’s on.

The t-shirt’s slogan is written in an elegant home designed font and is carefully embroidered onto the white t-shirt. We offer black or gold thread at the moment but are open to answer enquiries for different colours. The same is true for the sizes. We currently offer 4 standard sizes of a t-shirt with a normal fit. We can also fulfil any special size you ask for. Simply email us at hello@makethemroar.com.

We ship the tee worldwide for free 🙂

About our makers Hoop n Loop

Hoop n Loop creates personalised, hand-drawn pet embroidery onto t-shits, jumpers, tote bags or cushions. Using a photo of your own pet as a design master, all portraits begin life on paper. They are are hand-sketched before Hoop n Loop dedicates hours of stitching the designs to a garment. Various garment styles and sizes are available on the website, so take a look if you’d like a personalised present or want to give someone a special gift.





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