Grey cat feeding station Desco

Grey cat feeding station Desco


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Grey cat feeding station Desco

This contemporary grey cat feeding station cat feeding station is made from powder-coated aluminium. The raised cat bowls will add a sleek Scandinavian look to your home while keeping your cat’s feeding area neat and tidy.

  • The sturdy frame is made from powder-coated aluminium and can be cleaned with a soft wet flannel
  • Anti-slip silicone feet keep the feeding station grounded in its place
  • Removable dishwasher proof stainless steel bowls
  • The Desco comes in 4 colours
  • Designed and hand crafted in Switzerland


Go on and Make them Roar 

Grey cat feeding station Desco

The raised grey cat feeding station is designed and hand crafted in Switzerland and offers your dog a dedicated area for your cat to eat and drink.

The powder coated aluminium frame provides a solid frame for your cat’s bowls and its anti-slip silicone feet ensure it won’t movement during feeding. A silicone ring frames the stainless steels bowls to ensure a quiet meal without rattling. Replacement bowls can be ordered from Make them Roar. To do so, please email us at with your request.

Chose from 4 colour-ways that fit seamlessly into a modern décor of a contemporary home. The metal frame features rounded edges that add to its elegant look. Yet, this is a highly functional item, as it allows your cat to comfortably access their food.

When eating from raised food bowls, cats can assume a more natural feeding position, reducing the amount of air your cat swallows while feeding and this can reduce the risk of regurgitation.


  • Small 40cm x 19cm x 10cm with a bowl capacity of 0.4 litres per bowls. Inner diameter 12cm and total weight 1.12kg

Take a look at the Desco in action


How to measure the perfect bowl height for your cat

A good way to work out which bowl size to pick is to measure your cat’s most suitable feeding height. To do so, ask your cat to sit in a relaxed position, ensuring their legs are comfortably straightened. Then, with a tape measure or using a string that you’ll measure later, measure from the floor up to the point where your cat’s front legs meet the chest. This will be a good height to allow your cat to eat comfortably, without adding any pressure to your cat’s spine and neck.


Delivery: The Desco arrives assembled on delivery from Germany


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