For new cat owners: Incomplete Book of Cat Names

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This adorable little letterpress booklet is the ideal gift for a new cat owner. Or for someone in search of an additional name; as one is just not enough!

Manufactured by OrangeArt, The Incomplete Book of Cat Names is gathered from History, Literature, the Local Vet and the Alley. Measures 3 x 4.5 inches.

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Incomplete Book of Cat Names

This hand-made little letterpress booklet Incomplete Book of Cat Names makes a fabulous gift for a new cat owner. Or for a cat lover whose cat needs a middle name. That’s happened before…The booklet is printed on uncoated natural paper using an original letterpress technique. It also comes with beautiful end papers and a gorgeous cover design.

A few delightful illustrations adorn the pages, but you’ll mostly find what you’re looking for: names for cats. And we love the idea that the book lists over 100 female and male cat names. All ‘gathered from history, literature, the local vet and the alley’.


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