Modern large cat scratching tower Torre

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Modern large cat scratching tower

  • This stable tower is ideal for larger cats
  • Available in three muted colours: natural ash/beige felt, grey ash/grey felt and black ash/black felt
  • Available in two sizes: small 70cm high x 45cm diameter and medium 110cm high x 45cm diameter
  • Fitting cushions are sold separately. Please email us to enquire about these.

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Modern large cat scratching tower

This elegant and modern large cat scratching tower will become your cat’s first choice to satisfy all senses. It makes a wholesome addition to your home and provides your cat with space to scratch, climb and perch. While offering huge amounts of space as well as height, the Torre won’t take over your home. Its elegant design neatly fits into a minimalist, mid-century designed home. And it’ll help avoid surprising patterns on other soft furnishings in the house.

The solid base plate of this large cat scratching tower is made from real wood offers stability. The large curved plywood panel is covered in durable needle felt to provide plenty of scratching surface for your cat’s wild claws.

The Torre is available in three colours

  • Natural ash/beige felt
  • Grey ash/grey felt
  • Black ash/black felt

It can be ordered in two different sizes

  • Small 70cm high x 45cm diameter
  • Medium 110cm high x 45cm diameter

Fitting cushions are sold separately. Please email us to enquire about these.

Vertical space for your cat

We believe that adding vertical wall space is a vital step you can take to enrich your cats environment. Cats are solitary beings and a recent study has shown that a new vertical area is particularly beneficial in multi-cat household. This is because cats showed fewer unfriendly behaviours when offered a high up vantage point.

In comparison to dogs, cats have not undergone major changes during the domestication process, as the form and behaviour of the domestic cat is not radically different from those of wildcats. Therefore, dwelling on high vantage points, are your cats’ natural instincts stemming from their tree-climbing ancestors. Early cats were hunters and many of them lived in the rain forests. Their claws enabled them to climb skilfully, escaping into trees for safety or climbing to lie in wait for prey.

Nowadays, cats who live indoors are safer than their outside relatives, but they can still feel the need to escape to a safe spot, especially when other humans or pets are seen as a danger or nuisance. Specifically anxious cats will benefit from a safe retreat.

Another benefit is temperature. Because heat rises, the high up space on the tower can be warmer than lower to the ground and ideal for cats to stretch out and lounge on it.

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