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Made from recycled PET felt

This modern hexagon-shaped pet bed is environmentally friendly and made from recycled plastic felt which can be further recycled.

  • Medium-sized bed ideal for cats or small dogs
  • 60cm x 63cm x 16cm with a 60cm diameter cushion
  • Select white faux fur cover or colourful soft  cushion fabric
  • Made from recycled PET felt (the type of plastic found in water or soda bottles) that can be further recycled
  • Weighs just under 1kg

Go on and Make them Roar

Large recycled felt bed for cats and small dogs

The hexagon-shaped Atomo is made for cats or small dogs like a West Highland Terrier or Jack Russel who like to sleep in an enclosed and cosy environment. This piece of furniture is ideal to place on a shelf or sideboard to provide cats with vertical height.


  • Measurements 72cm wide x 63cm deep x 16cm high
  • 60cm in diameter of the inside cushion
  • Weight 0,9kg with cushion, 0,6kg without
  • For cats up to 8kg and small dogs such as a West Highland Terrier or a Jack Russel


Felt colours

The Atomo bed is available in 2 base colours that can be combined with any of the available cushion colours and fabrics.

  • Light grey
  • Dark grey


Cushion colours

  • White faux fur
  • Pink
  • Cream
  • Yellow
  • Ginger
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Dark grey
  • Light grey

The cushion is 40cm in diameter and approximately 7cm high. Its cover can be removed and cleaned and we have provided care instructions inside.


Material & Care

The outside shell of the small felt cat bed is made from recycled PET (the type of plastic found in water or soda bottles). This acoustic felt is firm yet soft to the touch. This innovative recycled material has great properties, is sound-absorbing, light but strong and non-allergenic. It is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again, which makes it environmentally friendly. The outside can be cleaned with a light clothes brush, a damp cloth or a lint roller. Don’t use harsh chemicals, but apply a little soap if required and fully dry the bed in open air prior to using it again.



The Atomo ships from the UK


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