Mocca coloured elevated dog bed Cozy 

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Mocca coloured elevated dog bed Cozy

This elevated dog bed is ideal for the dog who likes to sink into his cushions. The soft mattress easily gives way to your dog’s weight, allowing them to sink comfortably into a soft, heavenly bed. The surrounding fixed seams give the dog bed additional stability.

The textured and robust outer fabric give the bed a stylish and unique look that will look fit well into a modern country style living space.

  • Inspired by modern country style interior design
  • Beautiful soft bed for dogs who love to cuddle into their cushion
  • Rough and durable outer fabric and side handles to move the bed easily
  • Comes in three sizes (please choose via the drop down menu)
  • Surrounding seams give the bed stability
  • Washable cushion cover


Go on and Make them Roar.

Mocca coloured elevated dog bed Cozy

This dog bed is raised off the floor to give extra softness to dogs who like to sink into their cushions. The soft mattress is made from a latex and polyester flakes mix. In addition, the bed is stabilised by fixed seams that surround the entire bed. The outer fabric is made from an organic cotton hemp mix and is therefore durable as well as robust.

The bed comes with handles so that you can move it around your house easily. They are made from cotton ribbon that adds to the modern country style look. Remove the cover and wash it at 30 degrees. Please use a delicate washing cycle. The mattress can also be washed at 30 degrees on a delicate washing cycle but is not suitable for tumble dryers.

Mocca coloured elevated dog bed Cozy comes in 3 sizes:

  • Small 65cm x 45cm x 23cm
  • Medium 80cm x 60cm x 24cm
  • Large 100cm x 80cm x 25cm


  • Cover: Organic cotton hemp mix
  • Mattress: Latex and polyester flakes mix
  • Detail: Side handles made of cotton ribbon
  • Washing instructions: cover: 30 degrees delicate wash, mattress: 30 degrees delicate wash (not suitable for tumble dryers)

Why you should invest in a good dog bed

Many new dog parents wonder which products are important for their new dog. Besides the staples like food, bowls, collar and lead, we also recommend investing in a good dog bed. We do this, because we consider dog beds to be an essential necessity for your pet. Independent of size, breed or age. Benefits of a good dog bed are:

  • They are important as they keep your dog off cold and often drafty floor. Thus leaving the sofa for you and your human friends. Especially in winter, a dog bed with nesting walls provides warmth for comfort and health
  • The familiar smell of the bed will calm your dog, and also give him a safe retreat and make him feel secure
  • Especially older dogs, or those with arthritis welcome a soft place that also supports their joints
  • In particular long-haired breeds can shed around the house. A dog bed will contain most of the hair to this one location. Please ask if you require replacement covers
  • Dog beds provide dogs with an easier access to their sleeping pad in comparison to a space on a couch or the bed
  • Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the dog beds we stock. We are here to help.

Our curated dog beds, dog blankets and cushions

We have selected an exclusive range covering dog beds, dog cushions and dog blankets to cater for all kinds of dogs and breeds. Because all dogs have their own unique character and also their own way of sleeping and relaxing, we have ensured our collection offers a wide choice. Depending on your dogs’ preferred space, he might want to sleep on your furniture or prefer his own little space and a more traditional dog cushion would be something to consider.


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