Modern cat wall furniture Catwalk Play


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Playtime wall cat furniture

Introduce your cat to this elevated playground. The cat furniture system is space-saving and perfect for smaller flats. It includes:

  • A wood base (comes with what you need to hang it to your wall)
  • Tunnel to hide and climb through
  • Hammock to relax, cause you know, life’s hard

Go on and Make them Roar

Modern cat wall furniture Catwalk Play

Cats love cat wall furniture. They are natural climbers and love to spend their time high-up in remote and elevated spaces. This modern, wall-mounted set of offers your cat an area to withdraw to and caters for the fun-loving cat who loves to play, jump and climb. We especially love the cat hammock which, to be honest, we’re a bit jealous of.


Cat wall furniture system

The system comes ready to mount onto your wall and all wall-brackets and screws you need are included.

  • Wood base (birch plywood which is treated with natural oil)
  • Tunnel
  • Cat hammock


Catwalk Play dimensions

  • Length: 68cm (27 inches)
  • Depth: 45cm (18 inches)
  • Suspension metal bracket for installation included
  • Wood – birch plywood (treated with natural oil)

Vertical pathways for your cat

Our domesticated cats are natural climbers. Their wildcat ancestors spent a significant portion of their life perched above ground giving them a camouflaged hideout from which to hunt as well as hide from predators. Think shelves, cabinets, or the top of your refrigerator when imagining new catwalks along your home’s walls.


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