Modern raised cat feeding station Desco

Modern raised cat feeding station Desco

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Cat Feeding Station Desco

Why we love it

  • The sturdy frame is made from powder-coated aluminium and can be cleaned with a soft wet flannel
  • Rubber feet keep the feeding station grounded in its place
  • Polished stainless steel bowls are machine washable
  • Measurements 40cm x 19cm x 10cm with 0.15 l bowl capacity each
  • Available for dogs in larger sizes also

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Modern raised cat feeding station Desco

This modern raised cat feeding station Desco is a brand new addition to our online shop. The gorgeous cat feeding station is a brand new design that will keep your cats’ feeding area neat and tidy. It will add a sleek Scandinavian look and a modern flair to your home.

The very sturdy frame holds two stainless steel bowls, which are in turn secured by rubber rings that ensure the bowls won’t move during feeding. While the bowls are made from stainless steel, the metal frame comes in 4 different colours and the bright yellow can be interpreted as a friendly nod to the current trend of maximalism.

The metal frame features rounded edges, that add to its elegant look. Yet, this is a highly functional item that provides your cat with a more comfortable, elevated access to food, which makes it easier to eat and drink. When eating from raised food bowls, cats can assume a more natural feeding position, reducing the amount of air your cat swallows while feeding and this can reduce the risk of regurgitation.

Measurements 40cm x 19cm x 10cm with 0.15 l bowl capacity each.

The feeding station also comes in larger sizes, which we have added in the dog section. Head over there if own very large house tigers and want to opt for a larger version.

How to measure the perfect bowl height for your cat

A good way to work out which bowl size to pick is to measure your cat’s most suitable feeding height. Sit your cat with their legs directly underneath them. Then, with a tape measure or using a string that you’ll measure later, take measure from the floor up to the point where your cat’s front legs meet the chest.

So, for the most comfortable elevated level, and to help keep your cat’s spine and neck stress-free, you should aim for a height that is tall enough to achieve this.


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