Multistripe cashmere & merino wool dog jumper ROSEMARIE

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Colourful cashmere jumper

Wrap your furry friend into this luxuriously soft knitted dog jumper. Woven with cashmere & merino wool with threats of Italian yarns, this knitted jumper comes with buttons on the back, and long sleeves to keep your dog warm and cosy all around.

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Soft wool mix made of 10% Cashmere and 90% merino wool
  • Inspired by Rosemary Trockel’s artworks
  • Choose for warmth, insulation and comfort and full-body coverage
  • Ships via courier from Spain in 1-3 days

Go on and Make them Roar

Cashmere and merino wool knitted dog jumper

This wonderfully soft knitted dog jumper has been woven with fine cashmere and merino wool with threads from Italian yarns. It can be worn by dogs with sensitive skin as the soft and light fibres are natural and help prevent irritation. Merino wool has moisture and temperature management properties and can naturally help to regulate your dog’s body temperature. The wool consists of 10% Cashmere and 90% fine merino wool.

For many dog breeds, the cold weather means that they appreciate an extra layer of fabric to keep them warm and cosy. Especially for breeds with single-layered coats, an additional item of clothing to protect from the cold wind or rain can help when you’re heading outside in the winter.

Material & Care

Please hand wash this garment at 30° on a gentle cycle. Please do not use any bleach and do not tumble dry.

  • 10%cashmere and 90% extra fine merino wool mix


The ROSEMARY jumper has a white base with multicoloured stripes. The colourful stripes are inspired by Rosemary Trockel’s artworks.


How to measure your dog’s jumper size

Measurements for this dog knitwear garment are taken alongside the back. Measure from the neck to the beginning of the tail when your dog stands in a relaxed position. If you are unsure about which size to select or if your dog seems to fall within two sizes, then please contact us. We will be very happy to help you determine the best size for your dog before ordering.


Available sizes and recommended dog breeds

SizeBack length in cmWeight in kgBreed
Small23cm – 30cm2.5 – 4.5kgToy Poodle, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese
Medium28cm – 35cm4 – 7.5kgBichon, Yorkshire Terrier, Shit Tzu, Poodle
Large33cm – 40cm7 – 10kgPekinese, Poodle, Schnauzer, Jack Russel
Extra Large37cm – 47cm9 – 15kgKing Charles Spaniel, Beagle, Westie, French Bulldog




The ROSEMARY dog jumper ships from Spain via courier in 1-3 days.




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