Organic dog shampoo Puro


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MiaCara’s organic dog shampoo is a luxurious treat for the truly wild at heart. Carefully formulated with a pH balance that is suitable for your dog’s skin, it contains pure, organic plant based ingredients, to clean him gently after a walk outdoors.

Herbal extracts sooth and revitalise the skin. With organic extra virgin olive oil, soy-lecithin, cistus, marigold, witch hazel, birch, nettle, cedar wood, lavender. Puro has a mild aroma composition from pure essential oils of lavender and cedar wood.

  • 200ml
  • With a convenient fast opening lid to aid one-handed use

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Organic dog shampoo Puro

Spoil your dog with this luxurious gentle organic dog shampoo. This organic shampoo is carefully formulated with a balanced pH that is suitable for your dog’s skin.

The Puro shampoo contains purely organic, plant based ingredients to help clean your dog’s fur in a gentle and smooth way. Puro dog shampoo leaves your dog smelling fresh and with a beautifully soft and naturally glossy coat.

The Puro is rich in herbal extracts to sooth and revitalise the skin. It includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Soy-Lecithin, Cistus, Marigold, Witch Hazel, Birch, Nettle, Cedar wood as well as Lavender. Its mild aroma comes from a composition of pure essential oils of lavender and cedar wood. All ingredients are certified organic.

The organic dog shampoo does not strip or dry your dog’s skin. In addition, the Puro does not contain harsh preservatives, fragrances, petrochemicals or silicones.

The 200ml bottle comes with a convenient lid for fast, one-hand opening.

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